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Many stories have been told about the diverse community of Cabbagetown. One tale has it that the abundance of cabbages grown in the residents’ gardens became the reason for its name. Trucks of cabbages being sold in the neighborhood is another story. On a more absurd narration, the district got its name from cabbages that spilled on the road from a truck that turned upside down on a sharp corner.

Wherever its name came from, Cabbagetown is more than stories and hearsay. The district is logged in the U. S. National Register as a historic place being once the home of Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill, the South’s first fabric milling company. Sadly, the neighborhood collapsed when the mill closed in 1976. But revitalization paved the way for a much needed transformation during the 1990s as elegantly refurbished shotgun houses, classic Victorian-style bungalows, churches, art galleries, restaurants and shops sprung in the old mill’s site.

The Krog Street Tunnel connecting Cabbagetown and the rest of the city is fascinating. Art lovers will appreciate the images, words and ideas artistically showcased in canvas, as these provide a perfect backdrop for visitors who opt for souvenir shots. Local artists enliven the walls with inspiring, entertaining and informative artworks. They even offer free art if you ask nicely!

Cabbagetown Park is a great venue for families to enjoy picnics and neighbors to connect with each other. Catch a movie in the park every first and third Friday evenings of the month. The large playground is also a good place for children to meet and play with friends.

Something to look forward to every summer is the Cabbagetown Reunion Festival colloquially known as “The Vegetable Fest”. In November, there is a Chomp and Stomp Festival featuring around 75 booths of varying types of chili. Funds raised in this festival are meant for Cabbagetown Park’s maintenance.
Strategically located in Fulton County within the Atlanta City Limits, south of Inman Park, North of Grant Park, west of Reynoldstown and east of Boulevard, Cabbagetown is a progressing community with access to future opportunities.

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