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Shopping. Dining. Entertainment. These are just some of the attractions that have placed Atlantic Station on the map. This modern-day Atlanta neighborhood boasts of a robust downtown vibe and an environment that focuses on entertainment.

Atlantic Station sits on the northwest end of Midtown Atlanta, and spans 138 acres of multi-functional areas bound by the Downtown Connector and 17th Street. The neighborhood consists of three divisions: the Village, the Commons, and the District.

The Village can be found at the neighborhood’s western section. It has two apartment complexes and an IKEA store. If you’re looking for more housing locations, your best bet is at the Commons, which contains townhomes, apartments, and low-rise condominiums. This is also where the stormwater retention pond can be seen.

Looking for work areas? Check out the District, a mall-like office and retail complex that houses many of Atlantic Station’s famous tourist destinations. The District has office spaces in the 17th Street Corridor, where the famous 171 17th Street building is sitting. Locals call this monumental office structure the Wells Fargo building. What makes this building remarkable is its award as the first “LEED Silver-Core and Shell certified high-rise office building” in the country.

Of course, Atlantic Station is most famous for its entertainment and dining fare, and you will not be disappointed by the neighborhood’s wide array of choices. For starters, you can visit the mall complex at the District for your shopping and dining desires. You may also enjoy watching films from any of the 16 screens of the Regal movie theater.

Another attraction worth your while is the Millennium Gate, an architectural gem located near the Commons pond. This huge classical monument also houses a museum that recounts Georgia’s history. If you need to stay for a few nights, head to TWELVE Hotel and Residences Atlantic Station, a 26-storey hotel located in the District’s southwest end.

With its massive parking garage at the District and the availability of free shuttle services, it’s no wonder that Atlantic Station has poised itself as one of Atlanta’s premier neighborhoods.

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Image “Atlantic Station courtyard” by PEDS