Drew Ashton


My love for houses started as a very young boy. It was a family tradition to head to Shoney’s for breakfast after church. It was there I would dive into the real estate weeklies, carefully studying each house between bites of my pancakes. I love everything about houses and the house buying process. I love the personal connections you make with your clients and being apart of that decision-making. I see how each house has an ability to become a home. I have sold real estate all over metro Atlanta since 2007 and love what all the areas of Atlanta have to offer. As a homeowner in the Sagamore Hills neighborhood, I look forward to making our neighborhood a great one. I am dedicated to making my neighborhood and the city of Atlanta an exceptional place with a high quality of life for everyone. I believe to make that happen requires having good neighbors moving in to our neighborhoods. I have the distinct honor of working with The Holley Realty Team who has proven that the real estate process can be done with both honesty and competency. My goal is to make your real estate buying or selling experience an exciting and confident one.