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“Appreciation is getting out of control. Atlanta is going nuts. The people who want to live in Buckhead will pay anything,” says Steve Palm of Smart Numbers, a real estate tracking firm. Indeed, the neighborhood of Buckhead is slowly turning heads as a high-end community that many people want to live in.

Touted as “The Beverly Hills of the East,” Buckhead is dripping in elegance. To start, it is an extraordinary community which stands out with vitality and vision. Being the third largest business district in Atlanta, Buckhead successfully combines major offices, retail shops, luxury hotels, fine dining, night life spots, first-rate art galleries and residential units in high rise buildings.

Buckhead frequently gets national attention due to its development and the quality of growth as a community. Aside from being a very comfortable area to live in, Buckhead is in reach of prestigious schools, houses of worship and active civic organizations on top of its commercial and business sectors. Economy is robust and the job market is very healthy that hiring is constant. Another amazing fact about it is that despite the upsurge of civilization, there is zero crime rate and residents can go to their jobs riding a bike. However, MARTA station gives ease to travelers to get a tour of this impressive district and view the dense forest and rolling hills.

Having an address in Buckhead is a blessing, may it be for your home or your business. Despite the lack of incorporation, the Buckhead community is pretty much a city by every definition. Almost everything you need is here and everyone is always ready to give you a warm welcome. For locals and tourists alike to indulge in its splendor, Buckhead is a great place to visit, play, work in and live in. Centrally located and with a variety of activities, this luxurious locality is a perfect spot to stay. The city of Atlanta will never be complete without Buckhead.

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Image “Buckhead Triangle, Buckhead, Atlanta GA” by John Phelan